Digital and Mobile Business Solutions
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Mobile and digital technologies are transforming the way we live and work. Today’s executives focused on driving value and sustainable growth need to re–imagine their business to enhance customer experiences and integrate digital and mobile technologies across the enterprise.

Customer Experiences Re-Imagined

Use digital and mobile technologies to provide rich, seamless experiences to engage today’s always connected consumer:

> Increase brand loyalty
> Create new revenue sources
> Deliver omni–channel engagement
> Create value-added innovation to existing products
> Maximize the opportunity of mobile

KPMG Customer Experience

Mobile Workforces Empowered

Digital and mobile transformation across the enterprise can increase sales and reduce costs:

> Motivate workforce & increase productivity
> Enable truly mobilized teams
> Increase ROI on legacy applications
> Make quicker decisions with increased confidence
> Increase sales through improved processes

KPMG Digital & Mobile

  Why You’re Deaf To The True Voice Of Your Customers and Employees

In the age of the customer, traditional VoC and VoE programs often fail in the most critical moments of a customer experience. You need to know why it’s happening and before it happens.

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  3D Customer Journey Maps

Why typical personas and journey maps are simplistic, flat, and unreliable.

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  The Intersection of Technology,Strategy and Risk

A Video Series Defining the Board's Role

• How emerging technologies impact directors' responsibilities
• Why the board must partner with the CIO in providing IT leadership
• What boards should ask about big data, security and social media

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  Enterprise Mobility:

Enabling the Mobile Workforce Approximately 60 million Americans are members of the 2013 mobile workforce. Less than half their employing companies have a comprehensive mobile workforce strategy.

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