2013 Technology Industry Outlook Survey
Economic Pressures and
Emerging Opportunities

Cloud and mobile continue to be the leading technologies driving revenue growth. As these technologies mature and enable the growth and management of data, the trend is for data and analytics to provide attractive opportunities to increase revenue as enterprises invest to harness the potential benefits of cloud transformations and Big Data initiatives.
Key Issues

Mobilizing Innovation: The Evolving Landscape
of Disruptive Technologies

Building a Successful Cloud Provider Service:
Accounting and Tax Considerations

The Rise of the Digital
Multi-tasker -
KPMG’s Digital Debate

Breaking Through the Cloud
Adoption Barriers
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Gary Matuszak Photo Gary Matuszak
Global and U.S. Chair,
Technology and Media &

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2013 Technology Industry Outlook Survey Results
Which geographic markets do you believe will have the highest percentage of your company's revenue growth over the next one to two years?

68% U.S.
53% China
27% India
33% Brazil
26% Canada
Multiple responses allowed.