• Service: Tax, State and Local Tax (SALT) Services
  • Date: 10/31/2013

Income and Franchise Tax Services 

U.S. state and local taxes have always been complex.  Constant legislative changes, combined with the lack of uniformity in state and local income and franchise tax laws, can leave even the most seasoned tax professional in need of guidance.


KPMG's Income and Franchise Tax services professionals, in coordination with our State Tax Resource Network, work to provide our clients with timely access to tax insights and guidance that can help them addresss tax issues that may affect their competitiveness and ability to meet long-term business objectives. Our team has specialized knowledge and strong working relationships with tax authorities in each state, and our broad array of services can help you to manage the income and franchise tax issues you encounter.  From complex rulings to state tax audit assitance and representation to tax advice on real transactions, we can help you to effectively and efficiently comply with state income and franchise tax laws.


Our services include:

  • Nexus Analysis and Voluntary Disclosure Services
  • Apportionment Reviews
  • Compliance
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Credit and Incentive Review
  • Restructuring and Tax Planning
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KPMG SALT Technology


When performing income and franchise tax services, our team uses various technology tools to help increase efficiency while maintaining quality.  These technology tools include:


  • eWorkPapers State - a software application used to assist in the preparation of state income tax and franchise tax returns, estimates, and extension payments.
  • RAR - KPMG's Revenue Agent's Report (RAR) tool steamlines reporting federal income tax changes to state revenue authorities.
  • KPMG LINK Controversy Tracker - a secure, Web-based software tailored to meet jurisdiction-specific requirements and equipped with the functionality needed to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and expediency of managing all notices and audit functions and any necessary appeals.
  • SCUBA - State Consolidation Utility and Business Analysis (SCUBA) is KPMG's configurable apportionment database application whose automated, efficient process greatly reduces the manual labor of gathering apportionment data.


KPMG's Income and Franchise Tax services practice has professionals in KPMG offices from coast to coast. This extensive network provides specialized knowledge on income and franchise tax compliance in every state where you do business.


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