Global Business Travelers 

KPMG’s Global Business Traveler Services provides planning, tracking, and advisory support for organizations with globally mobile employees. In today’s global business environment, domestic and international business travelers are playing an ever-expanding role. KPMG’s Global Business Traveler Services integrates our world-class KPMG Link technology system and our experienced international executive services professionals to provide clients a systematic yet personalized approach to managing global business traveler concerns.

Just as today’s workforce has become more complex and less stationary, so, too, have taxing authorities become more adept at recognizing, monitoring and enforcing compliance for travelers in their jurisdictions. KPMG can assist an organization in identifying and assessing potential tax or other exposure presented by frequent business travelers. Once the level of exposure has been identified, KPMG works with clients to develop client specific processes and policy to capture data on their travelers, determine the potential exposure, and establish a system for maintaining compliance. We advise companies on implementing the appropriate payroll withholding procedures in both the home and host jurisdictions which may allow an organization to better meet its employer obligations to report, withhold, and remit the appropriate income and social taxes. We help clients develop change management communications, implementation documentation, and reimbursement policies that set expectations with employees on the tax compliance requirements and procedures set forth by the company to satisfy global compliance obligations. KPMG’s Global Business Traveler Services incorporates state and local employment tax considerations as well as global mobility considerations.


KPMG’s Business Traveler Services provide employers with access to the tools, policies, and processes to manage potential financial and reputational risks and to facilitate global tax compliance which may arise from these travelers. The ability of employers to proactively manage the issues associated with domestic and international travelers is vital to meeting both business and regulatory demands.


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