Research and Development Tax Credits Services 

KPMG’s Research and Development Tax Credits services can provide significant tax and cash flow advantages. These credits apply not only to organizations traditionally engaged in research activities—such as high technology, pharmaceuticals, and computer companies-but also to businesses investing in product and process development. Evolving federal statutes, IRS regulations, and court cases continue to create credit opportunities for a broad range of businesses, including energy and chemicals companies, defense contractors, manufacturers, and software companies.
We can help you leverage available R&D tax credit opportunities to enhance your tax efficiency and cash flow, while mitigating potential audit risks and increasing the return on your R&D investment.
Our professionals focus on identifying and substantiating qualified research costs throughout your organization, from wages to supplies to contract research. We can help you:

  • Realize the value of current credits
  • Capture the value of past understated claims
  • Identify and mitigate the risks related to under-documented claims
  • Uncover new R&D tax credit opportunities
  • Enhance the information-gathering process to support the annual R&D claims process
  • Identify qualified research activities and the related expenditures that are eligible for R&D credits
  • Provide your tax, accounting, and research personnel with a more complete understanding of the types of activities and expenditures that qualify under the law
  • Obtain refunds of taxes paid in prior years in which research claims were understated
  • Manage a potential IRS examination of R&D credits claimed
  • Implement enhanced information-gathering processes and documentation procedures to better support R&D credit claims in future years

For more information, please contact:

Christine Kachinsky

Adam Uttley