Fixed Assets Review Services 

KPMG’s Fixed Asset Review services are tailored to meet your specific situation, through a thorough analysis of your tax accounting policies for fixed assets and related costs. We can help you enhance your tax efficiency and cash flow, while helping mitigate potential risks and increasing the return on your investment by identifying and implementing the proper tax treatment for the tax basis of fixed assets.
Fixed Asset Review

Our professionals can perform:
  • Cost segregation studies
  • Repair and maintenance cost reviews
  • Fixed asset depreciation reviews
  • Reverse sales and use tax reviews
  • Ghost asset and placed in service date verification
  • Energy efficient building systems analysis
  • Fixed asset database reconciliation and consulting

Cost Segregation

We perform an analysis of construction costs, including those for leasehold improvements, to help you accelerate tax depreciation expense by identifying costs and activities attributable to assets with shorter recovery periods. We can also review and substantiate costs identified for shorter recovery periods in preparation for possible IRS audit.

Construction Tax Planning

KPMG uses a proactive approach to identifying additional tax benefits related to new and planned construction projects. Accelerated tax deductions are identified by analyzing costs and documenting their design and construction based on federal guidelines that define tangible personal property from the earliest stages of a construction project.

In addition, we analyze section 174 embedded costs, indirect costs, and professional fees (soft costs), during the planning and design phases of a construction project, allowing for an immediate tax deduction in the year the cost is incurred.

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