Accounting Methods and Credit Services 

Companies that understand the impact of their accounting policies are better positioned to take full advantage of tax-efficient accounting methods and credits to improve cash flow and in some cases impact the effective tax rate. KPMG’s accounting method and credit services (AMCS) tax professionals can help companies in all industries achieve greater tax efficiency.
The AMCS group, comprised of a nationally dedicated team of professionals with backgrounds in tax, fixed assets, accounting, architecture, engineering, and construction management, can assist you in six distinct areas:

We use a multidisciplinary approach and a consistent tax consulting methodology to help companies manage their cash taxes, effective tax rate, and tax risks. We offer you:

  • Dedicated teams with in-depth knowledge of tax laws and regulations, fixed assets, federal business credits, and accounting methods
  • Well established processes and technology that help enhance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Statistical modeling performed by on-staff PhDs
  • Global resources with extensive technical, tax, engineering, and R&D knowledge

For more information, please contact:
Peter Beale

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