Unclaimed Property Services 

Our professionals assist you with understanding your company’s compliance obligations, analyzing your compliance status and related risk areas, reducing potential liabilities, identifying process improvement strategies, and ongoing compliance. We help organizations proactively manage their unclaimed property reporting responsibilities by cutting through the complexities of the state unclaimed property laws.
Our services cover, but are not limited to:

  • Diagnostic Analysis/Process Review – We assist you in reviewing your unclaimed property compliance process, identifying process gaps, and providing process improvement recommendations for ongoing compliance from a leading practice perspective. We also assist in determining the organization’s compliance status by analyzing your corporate organizational structure, including mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations; historical reporting; and data availability to assess your organization’s level of compliance and potential risk areas.
  • Audit Defense –We understand that an unclaimed property audit can be an extensive and time-consuming process. We assist you in assessing your potential exposure areas, developing your audit strategy and scope, analyzing data and conducting research, identifying liability reduction alternatives, sampling methodology, and extrapolation approaches, as appropriate. We also assist you with settlement negotiations.
  • Voluntary Compliance Agreements – We assist you with developing and implementing a tailored compliance methodology to address exposure areas identified. We focus on exposure management while assisting your organization with complying with its unclaimed property obligations.
  • Annual Compliance – We offer a cost-effective approach to assist companies with filing their annual reports in a timely manner. We identify applicable exemptions and other potential reduction positions for your consideration. We also generate required due diligence letters and prepare the annual reports and other documentation that can be used to support future unclaimed property audits.
  • General Consulting – We assist with addressing unclaimed property compliance issues as they arise along with developing compliance policies and procedures and training employees involved in the compliance process.

Michelle Andre, Principal