Complex Interest Services 

Our professionals can help guide you through the maze of statutory and administrative rules, IRS transcripts, account coding errors and administrative practice issues to realize potentially favorable interest results.
We provide a full range of services relating to federal and state interest analysis, computation and tax consulting.

Our services cover, but are not limited to:

General Account Review
  • Analysis of your company’s IRS account to identify potential errors that could impact overpayment and deficiency interest
  • Review of interest rates, interest suspension periods, and beginning and ending dates of the computations
  • Identify opportunities to reduce interest through offsets, credits and interest netting
  • Prepare claims for refund or abatement of interest and manage the claim process

IRS Examinations and Appeals
  • Review the interest computations to identify potential interest errors and inconsistencies
  • Work with the various IRS interest teams to resolve issues at an early stage in the process
  • Work with the Exam Team or Appeals Officer to help obtain refunds at an early stage in the process
  • Provide guidance on making advance payments of tax or deposits to reduce deficiency interest

Net Operating Loss Carryback Analysis
  • Analyze related interest and all data surrounding net operating loss carrybacks and net capital loss carrybacks to isolate any errors and determine potential impact of interest

Tax Provision Review
  • Review reserve items under FIN48 (ASC 740-10) to determine the potential impact of interest and penalties

IRS Account Problem Resolution
  • Identify and resolve account problems and notices, such as misapplied tax payments, erroneous postings to accounts, inappropriate penalties, balance due notices and excessive interest charges
  • Analyze and interpret detailed account transcripts with specialized IRS coding

Cash Management Strategies
  • Plan for settlements or issue resolutions to reduce deficiency interest and enhance interest refunds
  • Compute alternative interest scenarios to allow for effective interest management in the context of a tax controversy
  • Assist with tentative carryback allowances and quick refunds of estimated income taxes
  • Analyze the company’s IRS accounts to find opportunities to transfer payments between accounts and further reduce deficiency interest/li>


Rhonda Gibson, Director