Transactions & Restructuring 

The ability to create, enhance, or preserve value is critical in any economy. For many organizations, this means taking advantage of merger or acquisition opportunities, or divesting struggling or non-core assets. Regardless of the type of transaction, one aspect is never negotiable: The deal must fully achieve its expected value.

That is where KPMG LLP's Transaction and Restructuring professionals can help. Our teams bring together deep experience across disciplines and industry sectors. This allows us to understand every aspect of the deal, from accounting issues to operating concerns to managing risk.

We can support you—whether you are on the buy side or sell side—with services that cover the full life cycle of a transaction. These include helping to identify targets, evaluate potential acquisitions, integrate disparate units, develop restructuring plans, provide IPO advice and guidance, and even help you dispose of non-core entities.

Add our ability to work with transaction and restructuring professionals from across KPMG International’s global network members and it becomes clear that KPMG is the place to turn for transaction, restructuring, and corporate finance advice that can help your deal create the value you seek—and avoid unnecessary surprises.

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               Daniel Tiemann

Daniel Tiemann
Americas Transactions & Restructuring Lead
+1 312-665-3599

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