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Increased pressure on and competition for natural resources (such as water, raw materials, and land), energy pricing and security, climate change impacts, and population growth are just a few of the complex issues driving current public and private sector thinking and decision making. Developing a coherent and cohesive strategy to address these interconnected issues and position companies for a more sustainable future has gained increased focus in boardrooms around the world.

By embracing sustainability and integrating it into core business practices, companies are finding they can achieve hard-dollar reductions in energy costs, improved relationships with customers and suppliers, and more efficient use of resources, especially water. They are also discovering that applying a sustainability lens to all aspects of business can help stimulate innovation, leading to new product lines and the opening of new markets.


KPMG's Sustainability professionals can help companies navigate the complex and evolving policy, regulatory, and business landscapes to better understand the risks and opportunities related to climate change and sustainability and help them capitalize on the resulting commercial opportunities.


Potential Sustainability services may include:
  • Sustainability Risk Assessment
  • Sustainability Investment Analysis
  • Sustainability Strategy Development
  • Carbon Cost Management
  • Sustainability Program Assessment
  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Enterprise Carbon Accounting
  • Energy / Sustainability Tax Incentives & Requirements Compliance Consulting
  • Renewable Energy Tax Equity Investment Services


Potential Benefits


The potential benefits of working with KPMG's Sustainability services professionals may include:


  • Enhanced risk management by identifying and managing enterprise sustainability risks
  • Cost reduction through increased resource and operational efficiency
  • Innovation and revenue growth by capitalizing on responsible products and services
  • Capitalizing on US federal, state & local as well as global tax incentives
  • Regulatory understanding, compliance and penalty avoidance
  • Reputation enhancement through market recognition as a responsible enterprise
  • Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Corporate Responsibility (CR) / Environmental Social Governance (ESG) reporting

Featured Success Story
A large, diversified energy company with one of the largest solar and energy efficiency utility programs in the country, needed help in designing more efficient business processes to manage and oversee their solar program to ensure compliance with regulatory objectives. KPMG helped the company design more efficient program processes, improve its control environment, and enhance processes associated with specialized accounting necessary to capture revenues from the sale of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) and tax benefits. These efforts help ensure the company’s program achieves compliance with the jurisdictional Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) and create growth opportunities for shareholders.

For more information:

Fain McDaniel
U.S. Sustainability - Audit

Christine Kachinsky
U.S. Sustainability - Tax

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Sustainability Services

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Questions to Consider

  • Does your company have an announced sustainability strategy?
  • Is your company looking to reduce the overall cost of “going green” ?
  • Are you looking for a way to generate additional profitability and help differentiate yourself from the competition, while also improving your brand and image in the marketplace?
  • Is your tax department involved in the upfront evaluation of sustainability investments and considering the tax implications from a federal, state & local and global perspective?
  • Are you comfortable that the information in your CSR / CR / ESG report is accurate, complete and consistent with your core business values?
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