Sarbanes-Oxley Strategic Sourcing Services (SOSS) 

Companies struggle to meet the challenges of increased regulatory compliance while focusing on core business issues and cost reduction in a challenging marketplace. KPMG's strategic sourcing of Internal Audit and Sarbanes Oxley compliance functions can help them focus on core value-added processes. Using KPMG Global Services (KGS) offshore resources in the delivery allows the Advisory practice to compete effectively in the marketplace by leveraging offshore resources in a cost effective manner.
KGS is a joint venture between KPMG International, KPMG US, KPMG Europe LLP and KPMG India. Seeded as a global capability hub, KGS provides professional services to KPMG member firms to help clients meet complex business challenges. The use of KGS allows KPMG US to quickly deploy specialist resources who can work seamlessly on cross-border engagements, to support key client opportunities. KGS provides services across all key areas of Internal Audit/Sarbanes Oxley Advisory Services (SOAS) sourcing engagements including process and risk analysis, financial analysis, business modeling, specialized research on clients and industries, IT and business controls testing, data analysis, reporting, and project management assistance.

Potential Benefits
  • Increased Leverage - Ability to access a team of specialized resources with experience in internal audit, risk and compliance management to meet growing regulatory compliance needs
  • Improved Flexibility and Agility – Improved capacity to respond to Audit Committee requests for special and ad-hoc audits and investigations by leveraging a global team of resources during peak cycles
  • Access to specialized skills – Improved ability to access a pool of talented resources with various skillsets and industry experiences without adding headcount
  • Quicker turnaround – Extension of workday by adding global resources working on different time zones thereby improving turnaround time for audits
  • Manage Internal Audit costs – Increased annual coverage of audited areas – "do more with less"

Featured Success Story
KPMG was required to augment the internal audit resources of a publicly listed manufacturer of voice communication solutions to support the internal control testing efforts, while making the process more efficient and effective. The engagement team deployed an onsite team along with a dedicated KGS offshore team to expand the bandwidth for control testing and meet project challenges. The onsite team was responsible for client interactions, coordination of the delivery of the work with KGS, and quality review of the deliverables. Using this approach, KPMG was able to deliver high quality results, on time and within budget, leading to increased client satisfaction.

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Eric Holt
Lead Partner

Questions to Consider

  • Does your internal audit department have the right resources to meet evolving roles in today’s regulatory and risk management environment?
  • Do you have a need to reduce the ongoing cost of the internal audit function?
  • Are you able to access leading practices and specialized skills to meet rising expectations from the board and audit committee?
  • Does your internal audit department have the right resources to meet evolving roles in today’s regulatory and risk management environment?
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