eDiscovery and Enterprise Discovery Management 

The amount of electronic data that companies produce today can be overwhelming. As a result, organizations face a variety of complex issues when dealing with electronically stored information (ESI), as well as substantial costs in responding effectively to litigation-related or regulatory requests. Effectively managing ESI is getting harder and the stakes are getting higher.


Is your organization:


  • Challenged with a growing volume of electronic data?
  • Having difficulty identifying, collecting and producing large amounts of data?
  • Struggling with a lack of process for storing and preserving data?
  • Lacking the technical expertise and knowledge of the eDiscovery process?


KPMG’s eDiscovery/Enterprise Discovery Management services help make the discovery process more cost-effective, while maintaining defensibility of the process and managing risks. KPMG’s leading technology enables our process, allowing us to quickly implement changes that can benefit our user base broadly, or to create custom implementations for specific client needs. Our proprietary technology includes the following:


  • Global Evidence Tracking System™ (GETS) helps clients track physical and logical evidence for investigation, litigation or regulatory projects—from collection through the processing and production stages. It is designed to provide a consistent and systematic collation of digital evidence, preservation of processed data, and documentation of the chain of custody for digital evidence.
  • Discovery Radar Collector (DRC) is a targeted collection application that reduces the volume of ESI collected during litigation and other matters, which in turn reduces processing and review costs downstream.
  • Discovery Radar™ is KPMG’s enterprise discovery management application that offers advanced functionality within a single fully-integrated environment, thereby eliminating the issues caused by moving data from one platform to another.


In addition to our proprietary KPMG technologies listed above, we also work with other e-Discovery applications including but not limited to Relativity, NUIX and EnCase eDiscovery.


KPMG helps companies in properly implementing an Enterprise Discovery Management platform that enables them to gain greater control over the eDiscovery processes and costs while reducing the risk caused by inconsistent, ad-hoc processes that are spread across numerous law firms using multiple vendors.


For more information, please contact the KPMG Forensic Hotline at 1-877-679-5764.

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