Compliance and Monitoring 

Companies are facing intense pressure from increasing regulation and investigations by federal regulators, state attorneys generals and others prompting extensive reviews, audits and litigation in a variety of industry practices.

 Compliance and Monitoring


Whether dealing with an urgent issue or addressing compliance more broadly, organizations need to have comprehensive programs in place to address their risks of noncompliance with state, federal and international laws; regulations; conditions of participation; internal company policies; and contracts.


Does your organization:


  • Have a comprehensive anti-money laundering program in place?
  • Provide comprehensive corporate intelligence and due diligence on all of your third-party business partners?
  • Have prevention measures in place to deal with foreign corruption and bribery?
  • Systematically assess and remediate the root cause of compliance concerns?


Drawing on our experience with clients and regulators, KPMG helps its clients in their efforts to prevent, detect and respond appropriately to noncompliance with regulatory or contractual requirements.


Regulatory Compliance

Anti-bribery and corruption enforcement
KPMG provides assistance that is essential to managing risk under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the U.K. Bribery Act 2010 and the anti-corruption laws of numerous other countries. We help by providing prevention measures that include risk assessments, the evaluation of program controls and governance structures, third-party screening and acquisition due diligence, and training programs in a variety of formats.


Anti-money laundering regulation

KPMG has provided anti–money laundering (AML) assessments worldwide, and contributed to some of the largest AML investigations and program rehabilitations in recent history. Whether assisting a financial institution proactively seeking to improve its program or reactively responding to a regulatory order, we provide assistance to address many areas of AML program improvement sought by the financial community in today’s marketplace.


Economics and regulation

KPMG uses economic arguments, supported with numbers, to build compelling cases for our clients in disputes, in negotiations with regulators and in discussions with antitrust authorities. In addition to our economics experience, we draw on a wide range of skills including accounting, knowledge of the regulatory process and current business environment to produce persuasive arguments supported by the strongest evidence available.


Pharmaceutical and life sciences

KPMG is at the forefront of efforts to help pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations prepare for and survive a new surge of regulatory review and enforcement. KPMG helps clients at all phases of the regulatory compliance life cycle, from the development of a robust compliance program through investigation, remediation and recovery in instances of misconduct or noncompliance.


Contract Compliance

KPMG helps clients identify potential financial misreporting and establish (or reset) the compliance baseline underpinning contractual relationships with business partners. These business partners include licensees, customers, third-party administrators, vendors, etc. Establishing this baseline may uncover significant findings, resulting in potential collections or savings, factors that affect ROI.


Intellectual property and contract governance

KPMG provides assistance to its clients in helping to ensure their business partners comply with contract terms related to royalties, licenses and incentive-based marketing programs. Our professionals perform royalty reviews of licensees on behalf of licensors. This work helps companies recover lost revenue and enhance the compliance review process. At the same time, it can help maintain—or even improve—the relationship between the two parties, since our approach can help reduce the tension or mistrust that self-reporting relationships often create.


For more information, please contact the KPMG Forensic Hotline at 1-877-679-5764.

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