Mortgage Target Operating Models 

In today's dynamic environment, merely achieving compliance is not enough. To meet their market challenges, financial institutions are implementing target operating models (TOMs) that integrate organizational flexibility and product, process, risk and compliance management centrally into their operational structures.

A TOM provides institutions decision making capability and visibility into their operations, promoting loan originations, loan servicing, securitization, and secondary marketing by allowing those divisions to subscribe to and consume product, process and compliance changes published, tested and integrated from a single source.

Implementing a new TOM also provides greater adaptability to market conditions and regulatory requirements, as well as enhanced risk and compliance management, data cleanliness, control monitoring, and cost savings through automation, use of shared services, and outsourcing.

KPMG's network of experienced financial services professionals helps institutions implement TOMs that reflect each organization's specific challenges, improve alignment with strategy and goals, and provide a clear roadmap to implementation and improved business results.

To learn more about a TOM can enhance your organization, please contact:

Mark Twerdok
Kimberly Davis-Riffe
David Coleman
Jeff Hulett
Mitch Siegel
Kyle Higgins

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