Mortgage Servicing Rights 

KPMG LLP’s Mortgage Servicing Rights (“MSR”) professionals focus on the financial, operational, and regulatory needs of the mortgage industry.  Our integrated approach to financial modeling, operational excellence, and regulatory diligence can help you achieve success in this dynamic asset class.


Our team provides the expertise to help you navigate the impact of new regulations, identify and mitigate financial risks, provide insight into industry trends, develop strong valuation and reporting processes, and manage operational risks related to mortgage servicing rights.


We take a holistic approach in understanding the business strategy and risk exposures of our clients and we use leading market tools such as MIAC, QRM, Compass, PolyPaths, and ADCO to develop custom analytical tools and provide solutions around:


  • MSR Fair Values
  • Optimal Portfolio Management
  • Execution and Liquidity Strategies
  • Pipeline and MSR Risk Management
  • CFPB and Basel III Strategies
  • Stress Testing Analysis and Capital Planning
  • Data Process Controls and Servicer Portfolio Management
  • Model Risk Management
  • Engineering an MSR Investment Framework
  • Financial Accounting
  • Internal Audit Framework and Support


KPMG works with a wide range of servicing assets including residential, commercial, reverse mortgages, and small business administration loans. We work with companies of all sizes including leading financial institutions, banks, credit unions, private equity investors, mortgage banking firms, and government agencies. 


With the synergy of risk management, valuation, and regulatory insight at our core, our focus is to provide everything that you need to achieve your strategic initiatives and raise the bottom line.


For more information about KPMG’s Mortgage Servicing Rights services, please contact one of the following KPMG professionals:


Anthony Sepci

Anita Agarwal
Managing Director