Treasury Services 

Treasury has evolved from being viewed as a service center to a more visible strategic business partner – helping to manage firm-wide liquidity, capital and asset/liability mismatches, providing working capital visibility and forecasting and ensuring appropriate risk-adjusted returns on short-term investments. Building an effective treasury management process requires an in-depth assessment of risk management policies, cash management strategies, analytical and system capabilities, and overall governance activities.



Additionally public and private sector companies are increasingly exposed to volatile economic conditions. At the same time, increasing regulatory requirements and ongoing competitive challenges place greater pressure on your company’s system capabilities and highlight the need for increased operational efficiency in cash management and transaction processing activities.


To help clients meet today’s challenges, KPMG’s Treasury Practice provides the following services: 


  • Strategy

  • Governance

  • Transformation

  • Risk Management

  • Capital Management

  • Liquidity Management

  • Asset/Liability Management

  • Cash/Working Capital Management

  • Technology/Infrastructure

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Robert Ceske
Principal, Market Treasury Risk

Key Corporate Treasury Questions to Consider

  • Does your company have a full understanding and a transparent view of its cash flows and financial risks?
  • Does your organization fully understand the importance of cash flow, how to optimize, and avoid common pitfalls?
  • Does your treasury system allow for simplistic, obtainable transparency and a high degree of straight-through processing?
  • Does your company manage counterparty risk activity related to customers, suppliers, insurance providers, and banks?
  • Has your company considered the impact of Dodd-Frank/Basel III on both the company and its financial partners?
  • Does your company review bank account?