Financial Risk Management 

Global concerns about financial risk have been increasing. In this climate, firms of all kinds and sizes are looking to develop robust financial risk management frameworks that satisfy compliance demands, contribute to better decision making, and enhance performance.

KPMG LLP's Financial Risk Management professionals can help by showing organizations how to turn risk into opportunity—and drive sustainable business value. Working with professionals from  KPMG International's network of member firms, we offer a broad range of financial risk management services to help international banks, insurance companies, asset managers, and corporate and public clients identify, assess, manage, report, and limit the risks they face.

In working with U.S. and international clients, we highlight concerns and help improve processes, governance, and strategy across a range of matters, including:


  • Market/Treasury Risk, planning, strategy, and enablement
  • Capital adequacy & regulatory services
  • Basel II and Solvency II transformation
  • Quantitative evaluation and management of portfolio risks
  • Risk management in transactions
  • Finance and treasury management and transformation



  • Credit risk measurement and management
  • Operational risk and performance management
    • Operations improvement
    • Business integration
    • Target Operating Model (TOM)
    • Integrated Risk and Performance Management (IRPM)
  • Market and liquidity risks
  • Actuarial services
  • Commodity & energy risk management
  • Financial instruments accounting
  • Insurance risk services
  • Securitization
    • Cash flow modeling
    • Collateral due diligence/loan file review
    • Prospectus/offering document tie-out
    • Tax reporting
    • Payment date verification
    • Additional Advisory services including: modeling services, securitization training and readiness, operation reviews and readiness assessments, and securitization policies and procedures

As a result, we can help clients turn risk into opportunities to:

  • Improve risk intelligence and strengthen decisionmaking and business strategy
  • Drive business performance by rationalizing risk programs
  • Increase business value by transforming the business model to be more risk adept

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               Jitendra Sharma

Jitendra Sharma
Global Leader
Financial Risk Management
New York
+1 212-872-7604

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