Supply Chain and Operations 

Supply chain improvements are a key focus for companies looking to improve financial results through cost reductions, gross margin enhancement and working capital velocity.

Supply Chain and Operations

Manufacturing and services companies face a common challenge: how to design, manage, and improve operations and extended supply chains that are vital to their goal of producing innovative products and services and delivering them effectively to customers. Companies must do this against a backdrop of an ever-changing technological, economic and regulatory landscape.

We can help you achieve your company and customer growth strategies by balancing multiple objectives:

  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Minimizing operating expense
  • Promoting sustainability
  • Reducing working capital
  • Leveraging fixed capital investments
  • Driving product and service innovation
  • Protecting the brand

KPMG’s Supply Chain services will assist you with the full range of process, technology and people change levers essential to building durable competitive advantage through these key services:

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