Quality Assurance and Testing 

Technology Enablement: Quality Assurance and Testing

In today's competitive marketplace, an unwavering commitment to producing quality products is paramount to achieving peak fiscal performance. Planning for change and building quality assurance and testing programs that incorporate short-term and long-term goals and objectives is essential.


KPMG's Quality Assurance and Testing consultants helps clients realize the promise of technology-led business transformation. We can quickly assess business and technology needs in order to develop a strategy and implement against a road map to improve quality assurance practices, leveraging accelerators including our Quality Assurance Toolkit of processes, methodologies, tools and templates.


U.S.- and offshore-based KPMG resources can help enterprises improve the results generated by process improvements or transformation initiatives through effective identification and prioritization of business and technology needs. They can then assist in enhancing operational efficiency and performance through more effective alignment between business and IT units, and rigorous testing designed to identify potential quality assurance or performance deficiencies.


Specific potential benefits of KPMG's Quality Assurance and Testing services include:


  • Helping to ensure that performance of client/consumer-facing applications provides a positive customer experience
  • Validating key processes and functions across technology enhancements
  • Increasing the quality of software delivered to production, and the stability of production systems
  • Providing faster time to market with a standardized, repeatable, and efficient testing process, often reducing costs, and identifying defects earlier in the development cycle when they are less costly to fix
  • Improving alignment of business needs with IT development
  • Increasing business owner confidence in the delivered product
  • Reducing risk in systems deployment


Some (or all) of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates.


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Chris Ammann
Principal, Quality Assurance and Testing Leader
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Kirsten Hill
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