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The disruptive impact of emerging technologies, combined with an increased focus on driving value from technology investments, continues to dramatically change the business and technology landscapes. KPMG can help clients across the C-suite to better understand and leverage emerging technologies to empower their business. Integrating our experience in technology-enabled business transformation, CIO Advisory, as well as risk and tax consulting brings a holistic point of view that can enable your organization to drive increased business value from technology decisions.


We can help you leverage investments in existing technology while taking advantage of newer and emerging options, from strategy through implementation. Our point of view defines the characteristics, realities, and opportunities presented to an enterprise from these factors, including:


  • Accelerating business value with emerging technologies
  • Demand for mobile enablement, cloud, and social media solutions
  • Integration of cloud and non-cloud services and applications
  • Proliferation of quick-to-deploy technologies
  • Business as a technology buyer
  • Influx of disparate information and large complex data


Potential benefits that KPMG can help you realize by effectively leveraging emerging technologies in your business include:


  • Improved business efficiencies
  • Improved and accelerated business intelligence
  • Deferred investment with just-in-time capacity planning
  • Cost shifting/reducing
  • Improved tax consequences


Some (or all) of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates.


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Lou Trebino

Lou Trebino
Managing Director, Disruptive Technology
Short Hills, NJ
+1 973-912-4619

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