Integrated Business Planning 

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a gateway to understand the organization: finance, sales and marketing, operations, supply chain, procurement and engineering.

Integrated Business Planning

IBP looks to assess current processes, analyze data for trends and identify improvement areas. A future-state planning process is designed with meeting frequencies, content owners, agendas, vital reports, key performance indicators as well as organizational roles, responsibilities and incentives.


The new process is then piloted across a sample portion of the organization, improved and fine-tuned before being rolled out across the company. It is monitored to track benefits as well as to continuously improve.


KPMG’s Integrated Business Planning offering provides a structure to integrate the entire organization and translate business drivers into desired outcomes through a decision framework that aligns strategy, design and execution.


A strong Integrated Business Planning process can help provide:


  • Aligned financial and operations plans
  • A formal cycle for proactive executive review and commitment
  • Ownership and accountability in all areas and levels of the organization
  • Sales, inventory and production plans reviewed by all areas
  • Goals focused on business performance
  • Enhanced revenue, reduced operating expense and improved shareholder value

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