Doing Business in the Cloud


As organizations look to reduce costs, transform their business, and remain competitive in today's dynamic business environment, many are evaluating the viability of leveraging cloud or as-a-service delivery models as an alternative to existing solutions.


Today business needs are driving technology decisions and there are a myriad of questions to answer with respect to cloud. With an ever-growing number of mature cloud providers as well as evolving delivery models come new risks and opportunities. Businesses are challenged with understanding where and how to begin their journey, and how to manage adoption.


KPMG helps organizations to determine where, when, and how to effectively use cloud delivery models. Our holistic approach helps clients understand the business, technology, security, change management, compliance and tax implications of the cloud.


Our functional and technical depth is enhanced by our deep understanding of leading industry issues and the practicality of cloud to better enable your business. Potential benefits of adopting a cloud solution include:


  • Improved alignment between business and IT leadership
  • Improved business agility
  • Potential cost reduction, different financial model than on-premise software
  • Implementation of a cloud environment that addresses potential security, tax, risk, and compliance considerations


Below represents a sample of our cloud services:



Success Story:


KPMG was commissioned by a leading online retailer to create a cloud enablement strategy identifying an effective way for the client to leverage cloud technologies. KPMG collaborated with client management to identify and prioritize business-unit goals, and to evaluate potential cloud models and service portfolios based on expected benefits, costs, risk, tax implications, migration complexity, and other considerations. We helped the client develop a three-year implementation roadmap designed to reduce capital and operational expenses, outsource appropriate compliance risks, and increase agility.


Some (or all) of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates.

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