Business Integration 

Neglecting the post-merger integration process can undermine the performance of a strategically sound acquisition.
Business Integration

Companies in the midst of a merger or acquisition often have limited resources to minimize the risks and capitalize on the cost and revenue synergies that made the deal a viable transaction. KPMG’s Business Integration service is comprised of full life-cycle support of a transaction through initiatives that may include restructuring, outsourcing management, cost structure optimization, new market entry and new operating models.


These engagements can begin as soon as due diligence or as late as years after an acquisition close date.

We will work with you to help translate your integration or divestiture goals into tangible plans and implement those plans.


We can help:


  • Develop and manage integration activities across functional and geographic business units
  • Identify and monetize the expected benefits and monitor the progress toward those benefits
  • Develop a target operating model design with key employee identification and retention assistance
  • Reduce costs from consolidation of operations and process improvement
  • Increase revenue through new market entry or competitor acquisition
  • Consolidate systems and identify enabling technology opportunities
  • Increase working capital by rationalizing inventory after organizations are merged
  • Reduce costs by rationalizing assets, relocating assets and streamlining asset utilization

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