Industrial Manufacturing 

The post-recession economy finds industrial manufacturers in an extremely competitive world. Manufacturers are also struggling with excess production capacity, volatile debt and equity markets. They are challenged to find stability and growth from emerging markets, streamlined business models, low- risk cost structures, and product innovation.

As a trusted advisor to many of the world’s leading industrial companies, KPMG LLP has integrated our Industrial Manufacturing practice to develop synergies of knowledge, relationships, and experience to better serve our clients. This sector brings together leaders in the firm from all segments of industrial manufacturing to identify leading practices and opportunities to assist our clients in achieving their goals. We can use this knowledge to assist your company in meeting today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

We serve clients throughout the global manufacturing sector, from original equipment manufacturers to suppliers, providing us a deep knowledge of the issues, business structures, and operating models that leading companies are considering as they face the challenges of the post-recession world. This depth of industry experience provides our professionals with an excellent perspective on the themes and strategies being discussed across the sector and ways in which KPMG can assist our clients.

KPMG International’s global network of member firms comprises 137,000 professionals in 144 countries. We have 11,000 professionals dedicated to the industrial manufacturing industry, with more than 1,000 based in the United States. Our professionals offer a full spectrum of Audit, Tax, and Advisory services and provide a coordinated and collaborative approach to meeting our clients’ business needs.

Me, My Car, My Life

Can you imagine a day when our cars are the control center for our mobile lives? Well, guess what, that day is here, according to Gary Silberg, KPMG’s national automotive leader.


In fact, cars are more connected and technologically advanced than anyone could have ever imagined, says Silberg.  “Today’s high-tech vehicles and mobility-on demand services, like Uber and Zipcar, are completely transforming the auto industry and the way we live our lives…and it will only become more pronounced in the years ahead.”


In a new piece of ground breaking thought leadership launched today by the KPMG automotive practice, “Me, My Car, My Life,”  Silberg and the auto team suggest that the era of ubiquitous connectivity - the moment when you, your car and your life are one - has arrived.


“It will change your basic notions about mobility and revolutionize the way you think about and use your car,” offers Silberg.  “Because that car, like every other device you use, is part of an interconnected ecosystem that monitors and adapts to your schedule, your evolving priorities, your relationships and even your health.  Everything (including you) is networked, monitored.”


KPMG’s white paper allows readers to understand that the car is no longer just a way to get from point A to point B. In fact, it’s not just a car: It’s the control center for your mobile life.


You don’t believe it? Check out the video below and consider this not-so-futuristic scenario:

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Industrial Manufacturing
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