GME Graduate Medical Education 


Software Technology

Compu-Max GME has been programmed to take advantage of the latest industry-wide Microsoft Windows technology, and is compatible with Windows NT and later.  Compu-Max requires very little hard disk space, and installs easily from a CD-ROM.


Regulatory Compliance

Compu-Max/GME This system replaces your IRIS software and will create your IRIS submission among its other capabilities.


Significant advantages

¨      Competitive pricing: Compu-Max products may be licensed for an annual fee for single providers. We also offer a multiple-provider discount structure for chains or other multiple-facility users. Please call KPMG LLP at (800) 243-7507 for multiple-provider pricing information.

¨      Compu-Max/GME is a database program for tracking Interns and Residents at teaching hospitals.  This powerful software tool enables hospitals to compute Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Interns and Residents for Medicare cost and compliance reporting. The system produces the IRIS disk that is to be filed with your cost report.

¨      Expandable - There is no limit to the number of providers or number of fiscal years that may be licensed.

¨      Customizable - We will tailor the system to meet your needs if you need a report/query that is not currently available just ask, if the report/query is feasible, we will add the report to the next update.

¨      Flexible - All reports can be previewed to the screen without having to actually print the report. Import data from hospitals that you share interns with to check for critical overlaps before submitting your disk to CMS. Data can be keyed and maintained in the system or imported from spreadsheet templates.

¨      Fast - performs a full edit and recalculation of the cost report in seconds.

¨      Analytical - Includes additional management summary reports, showing FTEs by residency codes or by department and analytical data can be exported to spreadsheets for further analysis.

¨      Compliant - applies extensive data validation edits to ensure that your IRIS disk will pass all of CMS IRISEDV3 edits.


¨       Easy To Use - A windows based database program that is a pleasure to use especially if you have ever used the CMS supplied IRIS V3 software to prepare an IRIS disk. This software goes well beyond the capabilities of the IRIS V3 software. This program calculates FTE values that are needed on the Cost Report section E3 part IV automatically and in conformance with the  latest regulations.  Considering the magnitude of the “per resident amounts”, catching errors up-front translates into correct calculation of reimbursement, and fewer potential issues to resolve with Medicare auditors.