287-05 Home Office 


Software Technology

Compu-Max 287-05 has been programmed to take advantage of the latest industry-wide Microsoft Windows technology, and is compatible with Windows NT and later. Compu-Max requires very little hard disk space, installs easily from a CD-ROM and can be updated from the KPMG website.


Regulatory Compliance

Compu-Max/287-05 completes the Form CMS-287-05, the Medicare Home Office Cost Report, in accordance with instructions found in CMS Publication 15-2, Chapter 31.  The system is approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).


Significant advantages

¨      Competitive pricing: Compu-Max tools may be licensed for an annual fee for single home office cost reports. We also offer a multiple-report discount structure for chains or other multiple-facility users. Please call KPMG LLP at (800) 243-7507 or (904) 350-1255 for multiple-facility pricing information.

¨      Expandable - up to 500 chain components, 500 accounts on Schedule B and up to 10 regional offices.

¨      Customizable - you can tailor the appearance of data entry screens to match your specific needs.

¨      Flexible - prints specific worksheets or the entire cost report.  The system also allows users to create a “print image” file which can be viewed on-screen with any ASCII text editor, including Windows Notepad.

¨      Fast - performs a full edit and recalculation of the cost report in seconds.

¨      Analytical - includes additional management summary reports, showing cost report highlights and analytical data.

¨      Extendable - Compu-Max/287-05’s componentized design allows users to easily set up “batch” mode processes, including automated downloads and conversions of general ledger data, using the G/L conversion toolkit bundled with the software. 

¨      Compliant - applies extensive data validation edits to ensure that your cost report meets CMS’s requirements for hard copy submission.

¨      Easy To Use – first-time users will find that Compu-Max/287-05 is quickly learned.  The system features data entry windows that closely replicate the Medicare cost reporting forms.  The system also offers a Help feature that includes the CMS cost reporting instructions.

Compu-Max 287-05