Renewal Payments 

Dear Compu-Max user:


The following are our policies and procedures for renewing/adding and deleting providers on your Compu-Max license.


Renewal Request: Compu-Max renewal and addition/deletion forms are located on our website at Please fill out and forward the appropriate form.


Please note that updating your software and renewing your license are not the same. See section on “Software Updates, below”.


All requests must be made in writing using Compu-Max client service forms and they can be sent to us via mail or fax.


All renewals and additions/deletions for the Los Angeles office are to be sent by fax to
Noreen Benton at (213) 947-4398 or via mail to KPMG LLP, 355 S. Grand Ave., Suite 2000; Los Angeles, CA 90071. All renewals for the Jacksonville office are to be sent to Marie Davis at (904) 212-0738 fax or via mail to KPMG LLP, Suite 1100, One Independent Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32202.


Software renewals that are sent via mail must be accompanied by a check. For orders via fax, please include a copy of your check with the license renewal form. For state and local government users, we will accept a copy of a purchase order, which clearly states that the purchase order represents unencumbered funds. Enclosing payment or a guarantee of payment will ensure that your software order is fulfilled as rapidly as possible. In order to avoid delays, please call Noreen Benton at (800) 243-7507 Option #1 or Marie Davis at (800) 243-7507 Option #3 prior to sending your order to confirm the proper payment amount. This policy is intended to enhance the delivery of Compu-Max related services. You will continue to receive unlimited telephone technical support, free CMS-required updates from our website between license renewals, and prompt distribution.


Turn-around Time: All requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests should be made at least 10-14 days prior to your filing deadline. Although we strive to fulfill all requests as soon as possible, please allow an average of 5-7 days processing time. An additional 2-3 days should be allowed for regular mail. All orders can be processed prior to payment being received if a copy of the check, showing payment to KPMG, is faxed to us. Otherwise all orders will be processed when payment is received.


Internet / E-mail use: Updated provider initialization files will be sent to users via the Internet. If you have e-mail capabilities, please provide your e-mail address when you submit renewal request.


Refunds and credits: A refund may be requested within 30 days of receiving your renewal/addition request. Please allow 30 days processing time for refunds. A credit will be issued if a request is made after the 30-day trial period but prior to the date of cost report filing. For example, a provider with a FYE date of 6/30/13 can be deleted and a credit issued if requested prior to the Medicare filing deadline of 11/30/13. If a request is made after the filing date, no credit can be issued.


Name / Contact changes: Please notify us as soon as possible of any changes to your company name, address, telephone number or primary Compu-Max contact person. All such notifications must be provided in writing.


Software Updates: Program updates are located on our website at To access the software updates you must have a User ID and Password. This is setup when you initially become a Compu-Max user. An email will be sent to you with your User ID, Password and the system/systems that you are licensing. Please feel free to call us at (800) 243-7507 or (904) 350-1255, if you need assistance in downloading the update or have not been setup to access the updates.


THANK YOU! We value our relationship with all of our Compu-Max users. Thank you for making Compu-Max the successful family of cost reporting systems that it is. By observing these procedures, you will help us to serve you in the most effective and efficient manner possible. If you have any questions about these policies and/or procedures, please feel free to call Noreen Benton at (800) 243-7507 Option #1 or Marie Davis at (800) 243-7507 Option #3. Email addresses can be found on the menu under “Contact Us”.