Technology Enabling Business Change

Many companies still have trouble using technology to solve their business challenges or achieve their business objectives even after years of implementations and upgrades. Multiple factors explain these shortcomings. Technology changes quickly, making it hard for executives with no special grounding in IT to keep pace. Often implementations are led by an IT organization with different goals and objectives (on time, on budget) than the business (right information, right time). Many report after an implementation, the technology is new, but processes are still broken and unchanged. Of course, there has been progress, but for many, the reality hasn’t lived up to the promise.

"It’s important to focus on the value you’re getting out of a project as opposed to sending out the message that you’re just implementing an IT solution."

— Senior Vice President and CFO, Manufacturing Enterprise

*Senior finance executives at large companies with more than $1 billion per year in revenue were surveyed. Research conducted 2012 jointly between CFO Research and KPMG LLP.
Neil O'Donovan Neil O’Donovan
Management Consulting