The Right Information, in the Right Hands, at the Right Time

Many executives are still looking in the rearview mirror as data and reliable information lags their fast-paced demands. Our research suggests this issue, while not a new topic, remains very real today. Companies are at widely differing stages in their efforts to convert data into actionable information. While organizations have spent significant capital on finance systems modernization, it seems that some key executives still do not have timely access to the Key Performance Indicators, metrics, and measures that matter most to them.

"We need to empower our leaders to be able to access data as they need it, [from] their current point of touch or contact."

— Executive Vice President and CFO, Healthcare Corporation

*Senior finance executives at large companies with more than $1 billion per year in revenue were surveyed. Research conducted 2012 jointly between CFO Research and KPMG LLP.
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