Finance executives are evaluating SaaS solutions

Cloud computing and SaaS technology models have been an ongoing topic in the C-suite for several years now. It was viewed by many as the key to a paradigm shift in the way corporations could potentially manage their applications and information systems. But that view was concentrated among information technology (IT) vendors and within the IT consulting community. Based on our latest research with CFOs and finance executives, many now understand the rudiments of SaaS quite well and view it as an acceptable option for many functions within the finance organization.

"We’ll always be open to cloud-based alternatives... we’ll assess that on every new system we’re going to look at."

— CFO, National Food and Agricultural Cooperative

*Senior finance executives at large companies with more than $1 billion per year in revenue were surveyed. Research conducted 2012 jointly between CFO Research and KPMG LLP.
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Management Consulting

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