KPMG and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Companies operating in multiple jurisdictions face significant financial reporting and audit risks associated with intercompany pricing. Furthermore, companies that make midstream adjustments to intercompany pricing policies are increasingly being challenged by taxing authorities.


KPMG and TCS have jointly developed an Intercompany Pricing Solution (IPS) that helps companies to effectively plan and align financial results with their global supply chain structure and objectives. Our IPS solutions include design, build and deploy services and technology built on our collective global tax and enterprise IT experience to provide solutions and services to global multinationals seeking to transform their intercompany pricing process and systems.


The KPMG and TCS IPS solutions are delivered through a tailored business process model that is scalable globally and supported around the clock with a cost efficient global resource model.


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Auditor independence

KPMG complies with the auditor independence rules of the AICPA, SEC, PCAOB and DOL. As a result, certain alliance-based solutions cannot be offered by KPMG to our audit clients. KPMG audit clients should check with their respective lead audit partner for more information.

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