Diversity and Inclusion 

KPMG is proud to foster a high-performance culture, one that’s defined by having the best people, with the skills and determination to deliver above and beyond. And that means we must continue to recruit, retain, and develop people who are technically brilliant, insightful, and astute professionals who are also forward-thinking, confident, and globally minded.


We know that our ability to successfully sustain a high-performance culture also requires that our people be as diverse as the clients we serve, and the communities in which we live and work.


Diversity and inclusion are a critical component of our larger corporate responsibility strategy.

  • Supported by a Strong Infrastructure

    KPMG’s chairman and senior leaders communicate their vision, strategy, and expectations around diversity and inclusion as a business imperative. Our chairman as well as our national managing partner and national director of Diversity and Corporate Responsibility all serve on our Diversity Advisory Board (DAB) and the national advisory board of each of our Diversity Networks. Working together, they help ensure we continue to foster and sustain an open and inclusive work environment, and continuously enhance the recruiting, retention, and advancement of a diverse team of high-performing professionals.


  • Defined Diversity Goals

    All partners, partners in leadership roles, and all office managing partners, as well as managers and senior managers in both Client Service Delivery and Client Service Support roles, have defined diversity goals. These include participation in KPMG’s diversity networks, recruitment efforts, mentoring, and external diversity events that include clients or the community. The goals, which are one of the criteria for consideration for promotion, are embedded in our performance development process.


  • Our Diversity Networks

    KPMG’s seven national diversity networks engage nearly 40 percent of our people. Through nearly 126 employee-driven local chapters, our Abilities in Motion, African-American, Asian Pacific Islander, and Hispanic/Latino networks, along with KPMG’s Network of Women (KNOW), and pride@kpmg LGBT, and Veterans networks, provide their members with opportunities to participate in career-development programs, broaden professional experiences, and build career-enriching relationships, both within and beyond the firm.


  • Women’s Initiatives: A Catalyst for Change

    KPMG’s Women’s Advisory Board was established in 2003 to create a more compelling work environment and enhance career opportunities for our women by driving national and local initiatives that support, advance, retain, and reward them. Read about KPMG's Womens' Initiatives


  • Developing Diverse Leaders

    The Diversity Advisory Board and Women’s Advisory Board have developed a set of priorities and initiatives designed to enhance the professional development of KPMG’s women, ethnically diverse, disabled, and LGBT professionals, and support their growth as potential future leaders of the firm.
    Read about Developing Diverse Leaders Programs.


  • Supplier Diversity

    KPMG recognizes the value and benefits that diverse businesses can bring as suppliers and sub-contractors to the firm, our clients, and our communities. It’s KPMG’s policy to actively seek and encourage qualified diverse businesses, especially minority-, women-, veteran-, and LGBT-owned businesses, to compete for the firm’s business. Read about Supplier Diversity.


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Chairman's Statement on Diversity

I have always believed there are no limits on how great KPMG can be – especially when our people feel free to bring their full, authentic selves to work every day; sharing their ideas and passions in ways that enrich our culture, spur innovation, bring value to our clients, strengthen our communities, and drive the firm’s success.

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