• Service: Audit, Tax, Advisory, Risk Consulting, Financial Risk Management
  • Industry: Insurance
  • Type: White paper
  • Date: 10/1/2011

Solvency II: A Closer Look at the Evolving Process Transforming the Global Insurance Industry 

Solvency II: A closer look at the evolving process transforming the global insurance industry is intended to provide an outline of the Solvency II framework. It starts with an overview of the regime, recognizes the strategic benefits of the regime, and throws light on the directive’s implications on the global insurance industry, as well as its direct and indirect impacts on the U.S. insurance industry.
The European insurance industry’s new regulatory framework—the Solvency II directive—plans to replace the existing and outdated Solvency I requirements with a new set of capital requirements, valuation techniques, risk and governance, and reporting standards. With risk management being recognized as a differentiator, Solvency is a high value proposition for the insurance sector. Our approach integrates risk and performance management in a way that insurers link their business strategy to a risk and capital management framework – transformational in nature.