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  • Date: 10/1/2013

Research Summary: Intelligent Finance Organizations 

Insight into Empowering Finance and the Enterprise


Brief 1 in a Series of 8 | Research Summary


CFOs are ready to shift gears. Having spent much of the past decade ensuring compliance with financial reporting, corporate governance requirements and/or cost reduction initiatives, they are eager to:


  • Strengthen their strategy, planning, information reporting and analytical capabilities
  • Empower their finance organization and their C-level peers to make better and more informed business decisions based on the right information at the right time
  • Transform data into intelligence that enables actionable decisions via the right reports, KPIs, metrics and measures
  • Refine current technology and taking advantage of evolving technology
Percentage of the respondents' priorities are
management reporting, analytical systems,
and business planning and forecasting tools


What is important... "the education of our team members to look at [technology] as an enabler as opposed to 'It's a system.' "

  • CFO, manufacturing enterprise

The results of a study conducted by KPMG and CFO Research Services clearly demonstrate that challenges exist. We launched this research to better understand issues faced by clients, notably the investment in technology that often fails to deliver results for the finance organization. Our focus centered on ideas to leverage from your peers and our experience in helping clients develop and implement successful projects.


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