Maintaining and enhancing the integrity of an organization in a global, regulated, and digital environment has become an increasingly complex and difficult challenge for business leaders.


Responding appropriately to disputes, threatened litigation, and the risks of misconduct relating to all types of financial, regulatory, and compliance matters globally is an important and challenging undertaking – one that can benefit from KPMG's experience, resources, and insights.


KPMG Forensic is well-positioned to help clients achieve the highest levels of business integrity. Our focus is always to assist our clients in their efforts to “Do the right thing in the right way.”

Managing the Risk of Fraud and Misconduct


Managing the Risk of Fraud and Misconduct: Meeting the Challenges of a Global, Regulated and Digital Environment.


A comprehensive book, authored by KPMG Principal Richard H. Girgenti and Partner Timothy P. Hedley, will help C-level executives, directors and others interested in fraud and misconduct to understand the vulnerabilities within a company to these types of illegal activities in a global, regulated, and digital environment.


The book provides a framework for building an effective compliance program and a model for managing fraud and misconduct – such as money laundering, bribery, and insider trading – through prevention, detection, and effective response. The book further explores how technology and publicly accessible information can be harnessed and incorporated into an effective risk management strategy. The book is published by McGraw-Hill, and is being sold on and Barnes & Please visit these sites to purchase the book.

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For more information about the book or managing fraud and misconduct risks, please contact Richard H. Girgenti, KPMG Forensic Service Line Leader or Timothy P. Hedley, KPMG Fraud Risk Management Services Leader.

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