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KPMG Timberland Investor Sentiment Survey

Investment in timberlands continues to be an alternative investment strategy with investors continuing to act as net buyers of timberland assets as the global economies recover.
Modified date: 10/24/2014
Survey report

Conflict minerals - Does compliance really matter? Ask California, Australia, and the EU

Conflict minerals is not limited to the United States federal government, but also state and local governments.
Modified date: 7/4/2013
Publication series

Conflict Minerals Overview Deck – 2013

This publication identifies a rule under the Dodd-Frank Act Section 1502 Conflict Minerals reporting requirements.
Modified date: 7/3/2013
Publication series; White paper

Dodd-Frank: Top Ten Priorities for Internal Audit

This publication offers insight on the 10 key priorities for internal auditors.
Modified date: 6/27/2013
White paper

Dodd-Frank Quick Hits Newsletter (August 2011)

KPMG’s Dodd-Frank Newsletter highlights monthly activities by U.S. regulators. It covers new and proposed rules.
Modified date: 5/14/2013
White paper

Dodd-Frank Act Conflict Minerals (Section 1502)

This paper adds additional reporting requirements for SEC filing on the sources of certain “conflict minerals” in “Section 1502” of Dodd-Frank Act.
Modified date: 5/10/2013
Publication series

Conflict Minerals Provision of Dodd-Frank - Immediate implications and long-term opportunities for companies

This publication discusses the implications of the conflict minerals provision of the Dodd-Frank Act.
Modified date: 5/1/2013
White paper

Dodd-Frank Quick Hits Newsletter (November 2011)

Dodd-Frank Newsletter which highlights monthly activities from US regulators.
Modified date: 5/1/2013
White paper

Procurement Reporting Alignment

This publication focuses on procurement reporting alignment and how it can add value for a comparatively small investment.
Modified date: 3/18/2013
Business and industry issue

Industry Outlook: 2011-2014

KPMG’s comprehensive survey project, in conjunction with Forbes Insights.
Modified date: 1/28/2013
Survey report
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