KPMG Institutes 

The KPMG Institute Network is dedicated to helping organizations and their stakeholders identify and understand emerging trends, risks, and opportunities. By creating open forums where peers can exchange insights, share leading practices, and access the latest thought leadership, the KPMG Institute Network provides corporate executives, senior management, board members, industry leaders, government officials, academics, and other stakeholders with knowledge they can use to make informed decisions and meet their marketplace challenges.

What you’ll find throughout the KPMG Institute Network

There are two ways to access the insights available throughout this important knowledge resource. One is through the single gateway The other is by going directly to the individual institute websites. Either way, you’ll find ready access to rich content and informed perspectives on a wide range of business topics.

The specific institute sites - and content - you’ll find as part of the KPMG Institute Network are:

KPMG Advisory Institute
The KPMG Advisory Institute provides perspectives to guide organizations on a broad range of issues spanning corporate development, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, regulations and compliance, risk management, information technology, and business performance.

KPMG Audit Committee Institute
Established in 1999, the KPMG Audit Committee Institute (ACI) provides information, resources, and knowledge sharing opportunities to help audit committee members and their boards enhance the effectiveness and integrity of the financial reporting process.

KPMG Global Energy Institute
The Global Energy Institute provides an open forum where industry financial executives share knowledge, gain insights, and access thought leadership about key industry issues and emerging trends.

KPMG Global Enterprise Institute
The Global Enterprise Institute has been established to help middle market companies take advantage of the opportunities - and tackle the challenges - of going global.

KPMG Government Institute
The Government Institute has been established to help federal, state, and local governments, and higher education and not-for-profit organizations meet their mandates to achieve unprecedented standards of transparency and accountability.

KPMG Healthcare & Life Sciences Institute
The Healthcare & Life Sciences Institute provides an open forum for business leaders from across the industry to share perspectives, gain insight, and develop approaches to help balance risk, controls, and improve performance.

KPMG IFRS Institute
The IFRS Institute has been created as an open forum where board and audit committee members, executives, management, stakeholders, academia, and government representatives can share knowledge, gain insight, and access thought leadership about the evolving global financial reporting environment.

KPMG Shared Services and Outsourcing Institute
The global SSO Institute provides valuable resources to help executives considering, implementing, and managing IT, business process improvement, and other sourcing initiatives. Sharing research, leading practice examples, thought leadership, and practical advisory articles, it equips clients with the knowledge, data and insight to integrate outsourcing, shared services, and internal improvement into their broader transformation strategy.

KPMG Tax Governance Institute
The Tax Governance Institute provides opportunities for board members, corporate management, stakeholders, government representatives, and others to share knowledge regarding the identification, oversight, management, and appropriate disclosure of tax risk.

KPMG Financial Reporting Network
The Financial Reporting Network (FRN) provides a single source for the latest, executive-level financial reporting information, as well as news and activity from standard setters and industry sources - all organized by topic. It has been designed to help executives keep companies in front of critical issues in today’s evolving financial reporting environment.

KPMG TaxWatch
KPMG TaxWatch provides tax professionals with a single, easy-to-use, online source for concise information, insight, and analysis about current tax developments and legislative changes around the world.

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