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Once, decision-making was largely driven by intuition and experience. Today’s winners are those with the most insightful grasp of their data. KPMG Data & Analytics (D&A) advisors can help, with a unique combination of skills, tools and experience to bridge the gap between the data you have and the knowledge you need.

What data means to the future

Across industries, geographies and functions, our D&A advisors help clients better understand what their data means to the future of their businesses—and help them turn it into growth, innovation and competitive advantage.

Many businesses are struggling to become data-driven organizations—to take advantage of the huge potential that resides within their data. In a recent survey, Going beyond the data, KPMG found that the vast majority (85%) of respondents were struggling with implementing the correct solutions to accurately analyze and interpret their existing data. Why? Because they do not fully understand how D&A can transform their business—and are having major difficulties analyzing data.

When we asked about the key benefits of using data and analytics, here are the top answers we received:

With so much at stake, it was surprising to hear from the respondents that the major barrier to implementing a D&A strategy was the inability to identify what data to collect, followed closely by a lack of capacity to capture and analyze data from all areas of the business.

We understand this quandary and understand that D&A will define the way businesses and organizations operate in the future. This is why KPMG created a Data & Analytics Center of Excellence—to accelerate innovation in D&A in a way that helps organizations unlock intangible value.

  Going beyond the data:
Achieving actionable insights with data and analysis

Many organizations—large and small—have already started to adapt to a world increasingly driven by D&A.

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Bradley A. Fisher
National Leader,
Data & Analytics

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