Legal Entity Rationalization 

Successful companies tend to grow, not shrink. But with each acquisition or formation of a new entity, complexity and costs increase. Many organizations are now looking for ways to reduce operating costs, contain cash expenditures, and improve their tax positions. Companies may be able to achieve these goals by reducing and realigning legal entities through a legal entity rationalization (LER) project.

Recognizing that an LER project can affect a range of functions and processes, KPMG has developed an operationally aware approach to assist in executing them. The scope of our services and global reach enable us to successfully execute these highly complex cross-border LER projects. Our professionals offer clients the skills, experience, and unbiased approach needed to think beyond the current state, offer more transparency, and refocus resources.

Through our understanding of mergers & acquisitions, state and local tax, international tax, and business integration, KPMG can provide practical approaches to help you manage the complexities of an ever-changing business environment.


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Please see below for information on our Web-based tool, KPMG LINK Legal Entity Manager, which is designed to help organizations work with large volumes of data to help model, plan, and manage tax and legal structure planning more effectively.


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