Contract Compliance Services (CCS) 

When it comes to third-party contracts, the rule of thumb is "trust, but verify." What's more, recovery of money is not the exception, it is the norm in most cases. Some organizations lose revenue, license fees, royalties, or pay higher amounts to partners than they should to third parties with which they have contractual arrangements. Contract Compliance Services (CCS) can help them recover those funds and improve internal processes to help ward off further losses and over-payments. In addition, other non-financial benefits can be achieved, such as process enhancement and improved relationships between business partners, among others.

CCS helps clients identify financial misreporting and reset the compliance baseline underpinning contractual relationships with business partners, which can result in potential collections or savings with significant return on investment (ROI). CCS can help increase the communication and understanding of contractual terms and obligations between the client and its business partner, leading to improved reporting processes and partner relationships. CCS services include:



Potential Benefits

  • Improved income revenue/greater cost reduction
  • Significant ROI
  • Compliance with contractual obligations
  • Enhanced relationships with key business partners
  • More effective contractual self-reporting processes
  • Improved protection of intellectual property

Featured Success Story
For a major global software client, KPMG performed software end-user license reviews and helped expand existing compliance capabilities as part of an ongoing global compliance program. KPMG helped develop a set of tools and product methodologies to increase efficiency and target high-risk customers. Tools summarized historical spend, detailed entitlements and red-flag analyses to better understand customer's risk profile and product scope. KPMG has completed over 1,000 reviews, resulting in the collection of hundreds of millions of dollars in over-deployed software. On average, client's collections represented an ROI of 14:1.

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             Robert Pink

Robert Pink
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Questions to Consider

  • Is your company paying sales programs to its channel partners based on reported sales out/inventory? Are you concerned about or have you identified gray market transactions?
  • Does your company know how much of the software it publishes is being overdeployed by customers?
  • Does your vendor relationship involve self-reported elements (e.g. most favored nation, etc)?
  • What is the basis for royalty reporting? Is there evidence of under-reporting (e.g. market info, inconsistent reporting, etc)?
  • Does your company definitively know how much software it actually needs to use and how much software it is actually entitled to use?
  • Is your vendor a service provider based on time and materials reporting, (e.g. contractors)?
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