Major Projects Advisory 

Companies implementing growth plans or executing large capital projects frequently encounter surprises in the form of cost overruns and schedule delays. Major capital projects are often complicated, fast-paced and risky endeavors, and are carried out in an environment prone to fraud, uncertainty, waste and abuse.

Major Projects Advisory 

Stakeholders are demanding transparency, predictability and accountability for project results so that administrators and boards are empowered to make prudent capital decisions.


Is your organization:


  • Concerned about inadequate or nonexistent policies, procedures or controls for capital construction/project delivery?
  • Dealing with reported incidences of potential fraud or abuse such as bid rigging, bribes/gifts?
  • Struggling with process inefficiencies, high levels of rework or errors, or documented control processes are not being followed, if documented at all?
  • Worried about the lack of integration between project cost and schedule information?
  • Overwhelmed by construction claims, contractor overbillings or assessing vendor compliance with large complex agreements?
  • Realizing that the size, scale and complexity of the project or projects exceeds the capability or capacity of the current project team?


KPMG’s Major Projects Advisory assists clients in identifying and mitigating project risks throughout the project life cycle. Our methodology encompasses both “Doing the right project” and “Doing the project right.”


During development, KPMG provides owners with objective feedback to assist decision making for the appraisal, selection, and establishment of programs and projects. During execution, we provide real-time, objective feedback to owners and contractors to facilitate proactive decision making to mitigate cost, schedule, quality and other project risks.


Our services include construction program evaluations, project risk and controls assessments, contract compliance analyses and cost investigations, as well as project support on complex and troubled projects. We provide focused industry knowledge, multidisciplinary teams, and substantive experience in managing both the financial and technical aspects of major capital projects and programs.


Our Major Projects Advisory practice consists of professionals from diverse formal backgrounds including:


  • Professional engineers
  • Contract and procurement specialists
  • Construction & project managers
  • Construction attorneys
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Construction fraud examiners
  • Cost estimators
  • Former owners and contractors


We routinely work with organizations looking to benchmark themselves against leading construction industry practices. Our ability to deliver quality services results from our team’s understanding of construction and project management processes, internal controls and the unique risk profile for each client.


Clients get help with the identification of process improvement opportunities to increase the likelihood of success and realize the expected benefits of their capital projects.


For more information, please contact the KPMG Forensic Hotline at 1-877-679-5764.

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