Credit & Data Analytics 

KPMG LLP’s Consumer Lending Services team provides effective risk management strategies for financial services organizations by applying our quantitative analytics and credit operations expertise. Through our services, clients are able to effectively measure, predict, and control credit risk, and apply analytical solutions to complex operational business challenges in consumer lending.

Our experience in consumer lending operations allows KPMG to provide concrete operational improvements across the full credit life cycle: acquisitions, underwriting, customer and portfolio management, and delinquency and collections strategies.

The team’s knowledge and experience has served a wide range of industries, from banking to auto finance, and has been applied across a variety of portfolio types, including credit cards, mortgage and student loan portfolios, and automobile loans.


Our approach to effective risk management is based in the following four areas:



    • Develop customized data marts
    • Develop data reporting systems



    • Develop and deploy credit risk management methodologies
    • Assist in acquiring profitable customers
    • Price loan products
    • Managing delinquency
    • Maximizing collections efforts
    • Measure critical metrics needed to effectively manage consumer loan portfolios


Credit Operations:

    • Assist organizations in defining and communicating their position on credit which applies to all aspects of the credit life cycle including profitable acquisition, underwriting, account management, delinquency, and collection strategies
    • Assist organizations in setting standards resulting in consistent operating procedures and efficiencies
    • Assess operating processes to identify improvement opportunities, including automation, streamlined review process, and enhanced resource allocation


Credit Model Validations and Reviews:

    • Review and recommend improvements to credit risk management methodologies, such as loan loss forecasting models and credit scoring models
    • Benchmarking credit risk management tools against industry practices and regulatory guidance
    • Provide model validation services that assess adherence to OCC 2011-2012, SAB 102, and Basel II and Basel III requirements


For more information about KPMG’s Credit & Data Analytics services, please contact one of the following KPMG professionals:


Douglas Williams



Jeffery Bower

Managing Director


Michael Cwiok

Managing Director



Chris Boyles

Managing Director




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