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High Growth Markets:

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Is your finger on the pulse of high growth markets?

It's no secret that globalization is creating opportunities for new business in, and from, high growth emerging markets. While companies of all sizes are increasingly recognizing the enormous potential of countries like China, India, Korea and Brazil, executives often struggle with navigating the myriad and complex challenges these markets present.The issues include political risk, corruption and fraud, the role of government and bureaucracy, tax and regulatory compliance, protecting intellectual property and managing supply chains, to name just a few.

Understanding how to turn high growth market challenges into opportunities is one way KPMG’s High Growth Markets (HGM) practice is helping companies expand globally.

KPMG’s High Growth Markets

KPMG’s High Growth Markets (HGM) practice helps companies navigate the complex challenges and risks of cross-border investments to, and from, high growth emerging markets. HGM provides audit, tax and advisory services to U.S.-based companies in their pursuit of outbound investment opportunities in high growth markets such as China, India, Korea, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, ASEAN, Africa and beyond, and high growth market-based companies with inbound investment interest in the United States.

High Growth Markets Outlook Survey

High Growth Markets Outlook Survey

A unique insight into ongoing challenges and emerging trends reported by top company executives.

High Growth Markets Magazine - Unleashing Africa’s Potential

High Growth Markets Magazine - Unleashing Africa’s Potential

KPMG’s award-winning magazine for global growth markets and emerging economies.

HGM Tracker – September 2014

HGM Tracker – September 2014

The HGM Tracker looks at deal flows between 15 developed economies (or groups of economies) and 13 high growth economies (or groups of economies).


Mark Barnes
Partner in charge
High Growth Markets
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Linda Zhang
Partner in charge
US China Practice
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Rishi Chugh
Partner in charge
US India Practice
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Joon Kim

Partner in charge
US Korea Practice
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Devon Bodoh

Partner in charge
US Brazil Corridor
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Lance Thomas II

Partner in charge
US Russia Corridor
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Ismael Berumen
Partner in charge
US Mexico Corridor
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Emad Bibawi
Partner in charge
US Africa/ Mid East Corridor
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Russ Ackerman

Senior Director
US ASEAN Corridor
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