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As the fragile banking recovery takes shape after the extended downturn caused by the global credit crisis, banks are looking to increase revenues and restructure their businesses to meet the needs of a changing marketplace.


KPMG understands how today’s challenges affect the banking sector.

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    We collaborate with banks of all sizes to help them with challenges such as:

    • Financial regulatory reform, including Dodd-Frank, Basel III, and the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

    • Market consolidation and merger and acquisition strategies

    • Customer and channel management

    • Technology, data, and social-media improvements

    Our experienced partners and professionals also help banks transform challenges into opportunities by:

    • Identifying compliance synergies and strategies to reduce compliance-related costs and business disruptions

    • Enhancing approaches to deepen customer relationships, identify operational efficiencies, and improve risk and compliance processes

    • Focusing on growth through finance-transformation and data-management strategies

    As the largest provider of professional services to financial services companies globally, KPMG's Financial Services practice has long been recognized for its presence in, and its commitment to, the industry. Our dedicated Banking and Capital Markets professionals in the United States, and around the globe, are an integral part of the Financial Services team.

Transforming Client Onboarding

Transforming Client Onboarding

In our new publication, Transforming Client Onboarding, KPMG lays out a multi-faceted strategy to coordinate the business, regulatory and technology imperatives involved in bringing on new customers in a highly automated, digital-based fashion.

Growing Revenue at your Capital Markets Company

Banking 2014: An Industry at a Pivot Point

It’s another year where capital markets business are facing significant challenges on the revenue side, while having to ramp up on serving customers in a safe, efficient, and automated way.

Banking 2014: An Industry at a Pivot Point

Banking 2014: An Industry at a Pivot Point

The banking industry is at a pivot point. Banks across the country must develop a business strategy that focuses on raising their top line by improving their connection with customers, and at the same time continue efforts to reduce costs and improve processes.

The Transformation of Capital Markets: Forces, Implications, Actions

The Transformation of Capital Markets: Forces, Implications,  Actions

Under siege on the cost, return on equity (ROE), profit, capital, liquidity, revenue, and trading-volume fronts, banks in capital markets businesses are confronting a fundamental shift in their industry, requiring a sustainably profitable business model.

Reshaping Banking in a Dynamic Business and Regulatory Climate

The Transformation of Capital Markets: Forces, Implications,  Actions

In the conversation on a new way forward, the topics of change and culture cannot be discussed separately. The conversation begins with the recognition that the path toward reshaping the industry is not only paved with good intentions, but also littered with barriers that can stifle new ideas.

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