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Despite numerous efforts to build highly resilient supply chains, globalization, socio-political instability, multi-echelon supply constructs, and high-velocity product flows all pose risks that threaten enterprises’ risk mitigation strategies. Indeed, executives in many industries have seen the impact that supply chain disruptions can cause, and are seeking innovative and thorough ways to address supply chain risk.


KPMG and Resilinc, a leading supplier of supply chain resiliency solutions, have formed an alliance to jointly help clients achieve a more strategic, business-driven approach to protect supply continuity, and attain sustained operational performance.


Resilinc provides two key solutions – Resilinc SupplyIntel and EventWatch – that enable supply chain professionals to gain visibility across multiple tiers of their complex, global supply chains.


By combining Resilinc’s solutions with KPMG’s approach to helping companies achieve and maintain supply chain resilience, our clients are able to develop, enhance, and integrate a supply chain risk management program throughout their increasingly global and complex organizations.


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Auditor independence

KPMG complies with the auditor independence rules of the AICPA, SEC, PCAOB and DOL. As a result, certain alliance-based solutions cannot be offered by KPMG to our audit clients. KPMG audit clients should check with their respective lead audit partner for more information.

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