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P³ - People powered performance 

Given that people are often both an organisation’s greatest cost and its greatest asset, the benefits of finding the right answers to the big workforce issues have the potential to be transformational.

But these big issues are typically being tackled with strategies heavy on intuition and tradition and light on evidence. The result: discredited people management approaches persisting – remaining long past their sell-by date.


KPMG believes there is a better way to consider questions such as how to get the best from teams spanning five generations and how to equip people to manage the increasing complexity associated with their roles.


Our P³ approach is designed to take a holistic view of the workforce to show how business and workforce performance indicators are connected, to track overall workforce effectiveness and identify improvement areas. And this process is insight and data-rich, allowing evidence-based decisions to be used to enhance workforce performance and productivity.

P³ tools

KPMG uses a range of workforce-related tools to enable evidence-based decision making around their people agendas.


An example includes the KPMG P³ BIO (Benchmarking, Insights and Opportunities) tool. This combines disparate data sets within an organisation, such as payroll, benefits, absence, engagement results, customer experience and sales and social networking data. It brings management information to life around five key areas: cost, capacity, capability, connectivity and compliance.


The tool is designed to provide unique insights into how a workforce operates, providing evidence where previously there was primarily a reliance on intuition. For the first time it is possible to link analysis of people to business performance.

P³ - People powered performance in action

Watch our video: People powered performance in action


Watch this video to find out how P³, people powered performance, can give you a new perspective on making your people your competitive advantage.


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