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Restoring Trust 

Restoring Trust

Businesses (big and small), governmental organisations, charities and enterprises of all shapes and sizes have an important role to play in fostering sustainable growth, investment and job creation. Their success affects all of our futures.


That success depends partly on trust. The trust of those that provide capital, resources or labour. The trust of customers. The trust in those that govern organisations and of those that regulate them. Ultimately the trust of society. Trust is a precious thing, particularly in difficult times: easily lost and hard to restore.


I believe that corporate reporting and audit has an important role to play in restoring trust. That is why we field tested audit reports that went beyond the requirements; audit reports that do not just say what we did in the risk areas, but also say what we found. In response to the positive feedback we received, including from our Restoring Trust articles, KPMG in the UK has announced that we are now offering audit reports that include findings more widely. You can read more in our public statement, “Sharing audit insights – our approach to reporting our findings” (PDF 338KB).


Take a look at our new approach and at the other Restoring Trust articles and tell us what you think. By doing so, you will help shape the future of audit and of corporate reporting.


Tony Cates - Head of Audit at KPMG in the UK

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Tony Cates

Tony Cates

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KPMG in the UK

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Video: (Re)shaping Stewardship

Video: (Re)shaping Stewardship


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Video: Sharing audit insights

Video: Sharing Audit Insights


Tony Cates talks about our readiness to include findings in our audit reports

Sharing Audit Insights


We will include our findings in new, long form audit reports where, before the final audit commences, the company engages us to do so. This policy outlines why have decided to adopt this approach.


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