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Data. A word prevalent in conversations at almost every level of an organisation because it’s the one element that affects, or should affect, any decision. Data tells a story – every piece reveals something about your organisation’s past and present and in the right hands, it’s powerful enough to shape the future. KPMG analytics specialists can help organisations translate their data story into actionable insights that drive real business outcomes. We do this by making connections across data and joining the dots. The result is a clear direction, which helps give you confidence to make informed decisions today and identify what you need to shape a better future.

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One in five of the UK's largest companies now measure the value of corporate data on their balance sheets. Many businesses now realise that finding better ways of analysing their data is the key to unlocking its value; unleashing new waves of productivity, growth and innovation. As trusted advisors to leading organisations, KPMG's analytics specialists can help organisations understand what is possible today and in the future: offering clear, business-focused outcomes and opportunities.


Strategic Partnerships & Innovation

We seek out new technology and are not afraid to innovate in our relationships and solutions. We do this to be at the forefront of analytics solutions and give our clients access to fresh thinking. This, combined with our natural business instinct and strong industry focus, ensures our clients receive the best service from KPMG.



Our strong team consists of around 400 specialists in the UK plus more than 3,500 across KPMG's global network of member firms. Formed in a structured and unstructured data team, it combines business analysts, data scientists and financial modellers.

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Alwin Magimay
Partner, Head of KPMG Digital and Analytics

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Paul Tombleson
Partner, Head of KPMG Analytics

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John Hall
Partner, KPMG Analytics Financial Services

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Damien Margetson
Partner, KPMG Analytics Corporate Sectors

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