United Kingdom

High Net Wealth Unit (HNWU) / Affluent Unit 

The HNWU deals with the tax affairs of the UK’s 5,500 wealthiest taxpayers. HMRC’s Affluent Unit deals with the next tier whose assets are worth over £1m.

HMRC risk assess and if appropriate issue enquiries on a range of matters. Topical areas include residence, domicile and remittances to the UK. In 2013, HMRC wrote to all Remittance Basis users as it believed that taxpayers didn’t fully understand what a remittance meant in technical terms.


We can provide sensible practical advice on how to handle all types of HMRC enquiry.


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Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF)

The Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF) provides a framework for the disclosure of irregularities connected with overseas assets held anywhere in the world with unique benefits and on favourable terms. 

Tax Settlements and Investigations

KPMG can also assist companies, partnerships, employers, trustees, solicitors, accountants and other advisors navigate through the demanding process of an HMRC investigation.